Sea, sun and sand'als

Sun. Summer. It's sandal time. Get ready to take off your little one’s socks so they can feel the warm fresh air. Our sandals are designed for active kids and support free movement.

We'll guide you how to find the right sandals and help make sure you buy the absolute best pair for your little one. First and foremost, the new sandals should be comfy. And of course they should be suitable for your child's needs.

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Make it last longer

Here you’ll find the best tips for cleaning sandals – increasing their lifespan while also ensuring that they stay nice and clean all summer long.

Wash the sandals by hand in a bucket of lukewarm soapy water. Sandals mustn’t go in the washing machine! If there are dirty marks on the insoles of the sandals, you can use a toothbrush to scrub them clean. Open sandals like flip flops are particularly prone to dirty insoles as they are often used on the beach or by the pool, where kids are constantly putting them on and off. This can leave dried-on suncream, sand and dirt.

If your child has a pair of sandals with Velcro that becomes dirty, we recommend that you first brush the bigger bits of dirt away with your hands and then use a toothbrush to free the Velcro of sand and dirt.





For optimal support, the sandals should fit your child’s feet well. We recommend a growth room of 0.5-1cm for the sandals. This is smaller than we recommend for closed shoes, and it is to make sure that your child’s feet don’t slide about in the sandals. A sandal naturally provides less support than a fully-closed shoe. 


All hummel sandals have a Velcro strap around the entire heel or ankle, as well over the top of the foot. With Velcro, the sandals can be adapted to fit the individual child’s feet. This additionally ensures that the sandals are securely fitted, and gives optimal support and stability. Velcro also makes it easy for your child to easily put their sandals on and off without you having to help.

For smaller kids, we recommend that you choose sandals with fixed heel support, which help to give small unstable feet the extra support they need to be steady.


Smaller kids may need to protect their little toes when playing and running. We therefore recommend that you choose a closed sandal. The front doesn’t provide support, but rather protects small toes from stones and sand. At the same time, a closed-toe sandal allows the toes to breathe and move around as much as they need to.

Are they going to nursery, the playground, the beach, or somewhere completely different? Wherever they go, small feet need sandals that they can be active in. Find the sandals for your child’s next summer adventure here.

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