Our purpose projects are inextricably connected with our vision to change the world through sport. Since our current owner Christian Stadil entered the company back in 1999, COMPANY KARMA has been a solid cornerstone in hummel’s business strategy.

It’s no secret that we’re an ambitious sportswear brand. However, we’re also committed to growing our business while doing good. The better we are at driving and developing commercial operations, the more resources we can allocate to creating positive change through sponsorships and partnerships. That’s the reason we get up in the morning. It is the language we speak. The air we breathe. And it is what drives us to do our very best every single day. It has been so forever. And it will remain so forever. Throughout the years, we have supported several projects that share our company karma philosophy. What unites these people and projects are their deep and genuine passion for sport.


Above all, we love sport. And we don’t hesitate to bring KAMRA into play when the opportunity arises. Because we believe there are important fights to be fought outside the pitch too. We believe that sport is a common language that unites people across nationalities, religions, cultures, genders, and politics. The power of sport is exceptional, and we have a long tradition of supporting organisations, projects, clubs, and individuals that use sport as a universal driver helping us create positive impact year after year. Diversity and equality are deeply rooted in hummel’s DNA, and it is our ambition to support projects and initiatives that in different ways use sport to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

As one of the oldest sports brands in the world, we know that it requires a solid team effort to create positive change. That’s why it is important for us to team up with passionate people who provides us with the opportunity to dive into purpose projects both on our own home court in Denmark, but also internationally. These projects aim to celebrate our unique company philosophy and can help us push boundaries, secure inclusion, or otherwise advance our vision in a meaningful way.

This is how we CHANGE THE WORLD THROUG SPORT. One game at a time.