Kids Outerwear

Adventure awaits, and we guarantee it won’t be your kids’ clothing that holds them back from getting out and having fun. When you spot a little hummelTEX label, you know you’re in for a treat! Our jackets and snowsuits are the ones to choose to keep your little ones warm and dry, no matter the weather. Comfortable? Check. Breathable? Check. Water resistant? Check. So what are you waiting for?



Hydrostatic head means how good outerwear is at keeping water out. The higher, the better. All our outerwear has hydrostatic head rating up to 10,000mm, as this works really well for active kids spending a lot of time outdoors, or kids going on a ski trip to the Alps. Read more about what hydrostatic head means further down this page.


Breathability ensures that your active child don’t cool down too much after working up a sweat while having fun. hummel winterwear has a high breathability of up to MVP 5000, so you can safely let your child play outdoors for hours while staying warm and dry.


Waterproof snowsuits, winter jackets and ski pants are treated with a waterproof coating on the inside, making the fabric watertight while maintaining breathability. We use a BIONIC FINISH® ECO treatment on the surface of the material. For outerwear to be classified as 100% waterproof, it needs to have taped seams to keep the water out. For further information, we refer to the product description of the individual item, where the specific features are described.


Mud and dirt can be rinsed off the outerwear under the tap or wiped with a damp cloth. Try to avoid throwing outerwear in the washing machine too often. This will help to keep the outerwear looking good and functioning well for even longer. Always remember to check the pockets – they often have the funniest things hidden in them! Close all zips and wash inside out. Finally, the outerwear should be chucked in the tumble-dryer on low. This helps to activate the unique BIONIC FINISH® ECO treatment, which makes the outerwear waterproof.



hummel winter jackets, snowsuits and ski pants are sized by age. Although please note that snowsuits may seem a bit big as they are designed to provide a lot of space for movement and active play.

PVC and fluorine free

hummel outerwear treated with BIONIC FINISH® ECO is 100% free from PVC and fluorine. BIONIC FINISH® ECO is a natural finishing treatment which repels water and dirt. This, combined with a breathability of MVP 5000 and a hydrostatic head of 10,000 mm, ensures that your child is kept warm and dry. We always refer you to read the product text for the item you are interested in, you will find the specific features of each individual product.

How is hydrostatic head measured?

Technically speaking, hydrostatic head is measured by the amount of water (measured in millimetres) a square centimeter piece of fabric can hold before the water seeps through. The higher the hydrostatic head, the more waterproof the clothing is.

Clothes can lose their hydrostatic head over time due to wear and tear, and washing. Therefore it is important that you use soap designed for outerwear. When a kid is active outside, wind and pressure can also help push more water through clothing. The hydrostatic head is therefore a guide. When choosing the right outerwear, remember to take into account your child's activity and how long they will be outside for.


When they are active and playing, your child regulates its body temperature by giving off sweat, which evaporates and cools the body down. Your child should be able to get rid of this heat so that it do not get too hot, and that the clothes don’t get damp inside. One way to measure the breathability is by looking at the Moisture Vapour Permeability (MVP) – the amount of sweat/water (measured in grams) that can evaporate from a square meter of fabric in 24 hours. The greater the breathability, the more sweat is removed from the clothing and the more comfortable it is for your child to play in.

Pass it on

Our outerwear has been designed with an extra large nametag with space for several names. We have done this so you can give away or sell used outerwear for another child to happily wear. Think about the environment and reuse whenever possible.