New jersey for the Women's National Football Team

The Danish Women’s National Football Team puts up a fight every day of the year to be recognised in a sport that continues to be dominated by men. The team’s clothing sponsor, hummel, supports their fight and has therefore launched the women’s new match day jersey on International Women’s Day.

In many countries, the women’s national football team plays in a modified version of the men’s match day kit. But now the female Danish footballers have their own unique match day kit, which has been designed especially for the silver medal winners of the UEFA Women’s Championship.

A long slog

The jersey is released today, International Women’s Day, to highlight one of the many forms of inequality that female athletes encounter in their careers. The jersey launch is a little step for equality between the sexes in the (sporting) world.

“We certainly know that there is a long way to go, but we believe that today can be a way to draw attention to the Women’s National Football Team and their fight for greater equality” says hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen, on the launch of the new match jersey. 

Not the first time that hummel has supported the Women’s National Football Team

During the 2017 UEFA Women’s Championship in the Netherlands, hummel highlighted the Women’s National Football Team’s struggle for recognition through their campaign, “The Sex Change”, where the women’s team players swapped their gender on their personal Facebook profiles. The message was that you clearly had to be a man in order to be recognised as a football player.

Allan Vad Nielsen elaborates: "At hummel, we actually believe that we can change the world through sport, and therefore we’re always trying to make a real difference for the teams that we sponsor, both on and off the pitch".

The Women’s National Football Team’s players have themselves been allowed to view and influence the design of the new National Team’s jersey. The Danish Football Association’s commercial director, Jesper Lind Andersson, welcomes both the new jersey and the story behind it:

“The Women’s National Football Team is facing an exciting UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 qualifying competition, and is well on the way with preparations. Even though the team unfortunately isn’t competing in the World Cup in France this summer, we’re experiencing massive support from the fans. Therefore it is a pleasure to be able to present a new national team jersey that has been created in partnership with the players, who are very excited by the result and the collaboration,” says Jesper Lind Andersson. 

The Women’s National Football Team will wear the new jersey in the upcoming UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 qualifying competition.