Although at first sight they may all look the same, tights are not just tights. There are tights designed for specific training styles as well as tights equipped with practical details and technical features designed to help you make the most of your workouts. We will guide you on how to find the perfect pair of hummel tights to fit your needs.

The smart runner should opt for polyester tights with compression and a stable, structured fit. This ensures the tights always stay in place (even during high levels of movement), all while continuously supporting the muscles. If you’re a dedicated yogi, you should go for a pair of high-waisted, seamless tights with a flexible design such as our popular CLEA or CI. Are squats, dumbbells and deadlift a regular part of your fitness routine? Then you should opt for tights with a high waist fit in a flexible, functional material with a lot of stretch. This will keep your tights from ripping or sliding down during HIIT workouts or while you’re lifting heavy weights.

Low intensity training


Medium intensity training


High intensity training


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THE FEATURES: Hight waist and medium/high support. Seamless design, recycled material and high amount of elastane.


THE FEEL: Firm fit that lifts and shapes.


THE (FUN) FACT: TIF is our best sold style to date!


THE FEATURES: Mid waist, medium support, seamless design and BEECOOL® technology. A mix of matte and shiny yarns complete the luxurious look.

THE FEEL: The firm fit and silhouette-enhancing design makes these tights feel sculpturing and steady during any workout. 

THE (FUN) FACT: CLEA is one of our absolute bestsellers with more than 35 colour updates throughout the years.  


THE FEATURES: Mid waist, low support, seamless design and super flexible material.

THE FEEL: The ultra-soft fabric provides this style with a feeling of being a 2nd layer skin.

THE (FUN) FACT: The smalls the bees in the design actually works as integrated ventilation modules


THE FEATURES: Mid waist and medium support alongside super stretchy fabric and a high amount of elastane. The polyamide blend makes the fabric extra strong and durable!

THE FEEL: Soft and thin, but still firm – creating a baselayer feel.

THE (FUN) FACT: Gives your body a strong silhouette enhancing look.


THE FEATURES: Mid waist and medium/high support. Crafted in super stretchy, seamless and sturdy fabric. The Beecool technology keeps you cool and dry.

THE FEEL: Rib effect that adds extra firmness and hold during your workout.


THE FEATURES: Tight fit with scrunch effect at the back for perfect shaping. Crafted in stretchy, seamless and recycled fabric.

THE FEEL: The Beecool technology keeps you cool and dry.


When you have finally found your perfect pair of tights, it goes without saying that you need to take good care of them. How you wash your tights is particularly important.

Regardless of which type of tights you choose to exercise in, you should avoid chucking them in a sweaty pile on the floor when you’ve finished your workout. Instead, we recommend hanging them up straight after you’re done working out, so that they can dry quickly. Whether you wash your tights after every workout or not is really a question of personal taste. However, when you do decide to wash your tights, make sure to keep temperature below 40 degrees and completely avoid using fabric softener. Fabric softener clogs the material’s stitching and the natural ventilation of your tights. Finally, you should avoid putting your tights in the tumble dryer and instead let them air dry in order to make sure they don’t lose their cooling properties.